What is a Fonzie Flat?

Speaking to someone born post-1985 , I say ‘you remember Fonzie don’t you?’…

Them: blink, blink

You know the show Happy Days?

Them: blink, blink….

Me: (grimace… as I realise how old I am and how old they are not)


Okay….so once upon a time there was this show called Happy Days which was about the all-American family the Cunninghams who had a boarder called Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli who lived in a studio above their garage.

The Fonz was cool and a little bit ‘street’ with his leather jacket and ability to make a juke-box work just by punching it. His signature ‘cool’ look included 2 thumbs-up with an ‘ayeeeee’.

Fonzie flats are the new granny-flats! Building a studio above an existing garage for the purpose of creating an extra income is becoming tres-on-trend with planning permission in NSW relaxed and certain councils recognising our need for greater density housing around key pockets.

If you don’t have the room for a granny, do you have the room for a Fonzie?

This is about building up and access can be discreet.

Take a look at this example here in the inner-west of Sydney. Daring colour choice that just works on this heavily land-locked pocket just minutes from the CBD. If you are an early riser or late-shift worker you would have to consider the noise for car access but otherwise the Fonzie is a great earner!