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My Fabulous Goal Setting System

My Fabulous Goal Setting System

There are so many articles these days highlighting the importance of goal setting and why it is so valuable but where do you start?

I thought I would share with you what I do annually and quarterly.

I am not blessed with a lot of free time so I can’t sit on top of a mountain waiting for divinity or even factor in enough mediation to my life but I always make time to consider the focus of my life at the beginning of each year.

Can I just add that you can start any day – doesn’t have to be the first day of the year or even a Monday. Just start!

Vision Boards

From late December my brain starts working on the New Year plans.
Not always strategic thoughts but certainly ambitious.

I start to consider what I want to see evolve over the next 12 months. I tie-in personal life with business a lot because I am blessed to do something that I am hugely passionate about and that is a direct link to my great love of wealth creation through property investment and goal setting.

I have done the big colourful cardboard vision boards but as each year rolled on I found my exposure to pretty glossy mags diminished and my life is so much more immersed with digital offerings.

Powerpoint is my software of choice and I literally Google images until they resonate with me and cut and paste. You can use paper, cardboard, corkboard, whiteboard, word docs, whatever is the right fit for your brain – creative, analytical, practical or like me, time poor.









90-Day Action Plans

Each quarter I kick-start with itemising 5 major action points for the next 90-days. It could look like this:

1) Source really affordable plants to complete the landscaping
2) Get all trades lined up for the settlement date
3) Interview 3 local property managers
4) Speak to Broker about our current interest rates and what we can do to improve our financial position
5) Arrange for Quantity Surveyor to visit prior to EOFY

I do these action plans for business too and at the end of the 90 days I revisit them. You can set rewards for yourself if you achieve them – whatever motivates you, embrace it!

Property Women’s 90 Day Action Plan

Big Picture Dreaming

A business coach started me out on looking at really crazy fanciful long-term dreams. This is a really fun task and I suggest you give yourself 10 minutes uninterrupted and just type like mad.

At the top of a page or Word document write:

The Year is Now …….(insert 3 years from now for example) and my life is…..

Now just go crazy and write your ideal life. As far-fetched and remote as it feels today, let yourself get carried away. This is a great task if you feel like you are in a rut or a holding pattern.

Here is an example:

The Year is Now 2019 and my life is everything I have been working so hard for. We have just moved to the beach. I can hear the waves as I sleep at night.

The kids love their new school and I have quit full-time work and just manage our property portfolio.

We are building a new holiday house and I am sourcing furnishings for this. We plan to rent it out on Airbnb and stay whenever we want.

We have booked flights to Barcelona for the July School holidays….etc etc.

Accountability Buddies

I do have a select handful of people who I will tell about my lofty ambitions. I have friends in the property space and also other small-business owners who understand the hustle!

Finding an accountability buddy who will support you is really important when working toward a goal. Especially when you need a confidence pick-me-up, sounding board or a boot-up the proverbial!

At the same time, selecting someone who is better described as a Debbie-downer could actually un-do all the good mindset work you have been working on.

Maybe your Accountability Buddy is in fact 2 or 3 different people that can nurture various aspects of your life. Remember to give back too – you may not yet realise what an inspiration you already are to others!

Blessings for 2017!