The Real Deal with Anthea and Robyn - hidden treasure

The Real Deal with Anthea and Robyn

The Real Deal ” Hidden Treasure! “

The real deal with Anthea and Robyn. In this month’s Member Spotlight Rachel Barnes will be interviewing Anthea and Robyn.
These two awesome ladies love to inspire, educate and network and they will be sharing with us a real deal that many would never have considered. 

Anthea  Greig started making money from property in 2008 with a corner block subdivision and renovation of the existing house. From there she has

  • Developed and sold house and land packages,
  • Renovated and on sold properties under a license to occupy.
  • Retrieved home owners from bank to foreclosure and supported a more humane relocation. 
  • Contracted and assigned properties for profit, both in joint ventures and solo. 
  • Developed 3-5 sites developments, Solid sites with development approvals.
  • Joint ventured development and managed rent by room houses. 

Robyn is a long time investor in property and she loves to do property development. Robyn loves the flexibility of property and she has a savvy knack  for finding deals! 

You can view Rachel's interview with these two amazing women here. 

Find out how these successful investors unearthed great deals and the experiences and knowledge gained along the way.

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    This was gold to watch – thanks so much for sharing!

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