Geoff Doidge one of the great men of property women

Geoff Doidge


Behind every Great Woman there could be a great man. In Property Women’s history there are actually three great men…And one stands out for mention NOW…

If you are new to property investing this name may not ring any bells yet, but if you have been in the field for the last 10+years then you should at least have heard something of the ” RENO KINGS

The Reno Kings were renown for their ability to create ” Money out of Muck “, or “Dollars out of Dirt”. Of course that may not be anything new for many renovators, but the Reno King’s uniqueness came in their ability to have FUN while they teach others to make fortunes too.

As I mentioned there were actually 3 great or ” wise ” men behind Property Women’s foundation and success. Although you will only see two keys Kings on stage, Paul Eslick and Geoff Doidge, the 3rd wise man, Steve Blably was the business backbone. It was these three men who first started Property Women back in 2006.

Geoff Doidge was the main reason Property Women exists today!

Geoff had the vision and conveyed that with conviction to Steve Blaby, who was already running the existing ultra busy and successful Reno kings business, who had the auspicious task of forming and setting up a complete new business with a focus to be run by and for women.  That’s when Judith Taylor and Rachel Barnes were asked to be involved in the leadership and management of Property Women. Before I (Jo Vadillo) purchased Property Women some years ago, the business was previously owned by the 3 Reno Kings, Judith Taylor and Rachel Barnes.

Today we want to reflect, respect and be inspired by the visionary Geoff Doidge.

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Geoff sadly passed away on 16th April 2018.

Geoff story is quite a long one, but to cut the chase, he always described himself as a " Failed Public Servant" who failed his way to success... and he didn't start until late compared to many!

After "failing" to be a good employee, he took his leave of the public service and decided to follow his passion of renovating property. He loved what he did and was getting great results, and as a gregarious guy, he was eager to share his knowledge with others.

Writing a book was of the key things on his ' wish list '. About 28 years ago, he attended a course called ' The magic of Goal Setting ' run by Josh Grant, and he shared his desire to write a book. John asked him a few questions which he didn't have answers for and John challenged him to get more clarity and define his desire to make it a goal... or to admit that it was still just a dream. 

Geoff rose splendidly to the challenge and basically wrote a manuscript within months and had his first book published! But that was just the beginning... 

Josh Grant suggested they run a few events together which they did... and that's when Geoff met Paul Eslick. The Reno Kings were born... and rest as they is history! 

It's worth noting that Geoff ended up having 7 books published, inspired and educated over 300,000 people from stage, and was still teaching though interviews until July 2017!

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