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Why I’m NOT Setting Any Goals This Year

By Miriam Castilla

I used to set a lot of goals. In fact, I was a fanatical, goal setting machine.

Determined to do everything in my power to achieve my goals and dreams, I did it all.

I carried a goal card in my wallet with my big goal outlined in perfect SMART goals manner (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time specific). I’d read the card several times a day and had a copy stuck on my car’s dashboard and another inside my bathroom cabinet.

I also diligently wrote out a list of another 21 specific goals each & every day.

I was determined to succeed. It had to happen!

But eventually, it all became very tiring and I would dread pulling out that little card. It made me feel like a failure. It was just a big fat lie on a card.

So now I no longer do ANY of those things and my life has become more incredible than I ever could have imagined.

After my disillusionment with goal setting, I became a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Infinite Possibilities Trainer. I studied everything from neuroscience and quantum physics to Universal Laws and the unconscious mind to figure out why people don’t achieve their goals and how to unlock that missing piece of the puzzle. I wanted to know how to get into that magical flow where everything just comes together so easily.

I found 2 main issues with goal setting:

  1. Specific goals create a sense of worry and pressure. Your goals end up stressing you out which stops your brain from building new connections and chokes the flow of intuition and creativity. Specific goals also limit the infinite possibilities that exist for you to achieve your dreams.
  2. Constantly making a list of things you’ve not achieved yet and checking for them reinforces the ‘not having it yet’ part and so you keep getting more of the same. You wind up stuck!Since we’re all being told that goal setting is the way to make our dreams come true, we often to suffer quietly and try to ‘push through’. You’re trying to feel upbeat about your goals, but your gut tells another story and so you suffer quietly and feel like a failure. This only makes it worse!

Luckily there’s an easier, more fun and powerful alternative that’s not littered with traps to bring you undone and also covers all the things that ARE positive about goal setting.
So what’s this magic pill?

Vision inspires and pulls you, whereas goals motivate and push you.

Vision taps into the ancient part of your brain that drives behaviour, it helps you powerfully connect to the end result on an emotional level which creates alignment for all the pieces of the puzzle to come together and Vision programs your brain so you actually become that person you aspire to!

Incredibly, creating a Vision is as easy as it is powerful.

To get started, simply make a vision board and spend 4-5 minutes a day standing in front of it, imagining scenarios in your mind that match the images on your board. Put as much emotion into the experience as possible. Your emotions are powerful chemicals that literally change your brain.

And as you start to change on the inside, your outside world will change as well.

It really can be that simple.

If you’d like to get learn more, keep an eye out for the free online workshop I’ll be running for Property Women soon.

By Miriam Castilla

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