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November 2016’s Woman in Focus – Kathy Pieprzyk

Kathy Pieprzyk

This month’s Woman in Focus is Kathy Pieprzyk who has been living in Sydney for the past fifteen years.

Polish-born Kat arrived in Australia via Chicago as an exchange student in 2002 and decided to make Australia her home and become a Permanent Resident when she met her long-term partner, Ben Ly.

Kat has worked in all areas of advertising and marketing, loves the great Aussie outdoors and spends much of her free time on long walks with her staffy/cross French bulldog, Lily.

Kat purchased her first one bedroom unit 2007 at the urging of her partner’s mother.

She saw a bargain and made me act on it” Kat said.” I was a bit nervous at first, but I did my research and jumped in. “

Kat at 34 years of age holds two investment properties and is looking for a third.

Early Strategies

_“In the beginning I was just looking for a home away from home. The Art Deco building had been converted into four units with a small garden courtyard perfect for a glass of wine in the evening, and the high ceilings give it a sense of space.


“When I saw how fast my one bedroom apartment increased in price I knew I was on a winner so I did a weekend real estate course to understand the Australian property market, she said.

“I then bought a 4 bedroom house off the plan outside Sydney. It is not incrementing as fast as a city unit but it is negatively geared and on a slow boil.”

Kat has developed a keen eye and thinks it is time to try something different.

I want to buy a small property, get some renovation experience and flip it for a profit,” she said.

Looking for a property to flip means buying with your head and not your heart,” she said.


  1. When considering buying a unit always ask for The Minutes from the Body Corporate so that you know what issues, if any, are affecting the current owner.
  2. When getting quotes from tradespeople always get at least three, and not just to compare the price. I always ask a lot of questions, that way I learn something new about the job each time – which helps in my ultimate decision.
  3. This is more a philosophy than a tip – I always look at property from the point of view that if I would like to live in it, then the chances are someone else will too.
  4. Location is also important, especially a park, as everyone has either a child, a fitness regime or a pet.

Moving towards the future

_My partner Ben also owns a unit and together we plan on taking the equity out of our three properties so that we can buy our forever home without the angst of a huge mortgage,” she said.


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