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How do you find the right people to help you on your property journey to success?


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Recommendations and referrals from other like-minded and successful investors is the surest and safest way to find the right people for your team, quickly, easily and confidently!

All of the Professionals within the Property Women PPN come to you highly recommended, either by our team, or our Members and Associates, and many have contributed to the the education of thousands of women through Teleconferences, Webinars, Articles or as Speakers at our events.

This network of professionals have all agreed to be bound by our specific Code of Ethical Conduct giving you even more peace of mind that they will live up to a high standard of service demanded for inclusion in this exclusive network.

Professionals who want to help you long term with your investments and not just sell you a quick product should be asking you relevant questions up front.  Otherwise how can they can they give you fully informed answers if they haven’t properly ascertained your circumstances and your goals?

So you will be pleased to know that whilst we undertake the final renovations on our new website you can can contact our office or visit Facebook to ask about recommended professionals.


‘Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher’

Oprah Winfrey