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Property is a Girls Best Friend

Whether you’re 18 or 80, whether you have $800 or

$800 000, you can invest in property – you just need the know-how.

Property is a Girl’s Best Friend is the essential property investment guide for Australian and New Zealand women who want financial freedom.

With case studies and hot tips to inspire and guide you, let us show you how:

  • 7 property investing strategies for capital gain and cashflow – find out which suites your personality
  • the 25 steps to teach you property investing
  • techniques to uncover great deals that one property woman used to by 26 properties in just 28 months
  • 16 ways for you to eliminate costly habits that hold you back financially
  • how one property woman made $1 million in just one year with a $1 option
  • 11 tops tips to reduce tax legally and increase cashflow

Move over diamonds Property is now a Girl’s Best Friends

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Property Prosperity

Do you dream of owning an investment property, or even two?

Perhaps you hold back from buying property because you’re scared of making costly mistakes?

With Property Prosperity, you can learn the seven steps to purchasing property that will see you thriving now, and in the future.

Property is probably the most expensive purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. For most people, it’s a daunting topic filled with many potential pitfalls.

But with the help of Property Mavens founder Miriam Sandkuhler, you can learn the right questions to ask yourself and the professionals in order to make an investment-grade property decision.

In Property Prosperity, Miriam will guide you to:

  • fix your money mindset
  • understand your risk
  • develop a strategy
  • engage your team of experts
  • research, select and assess
  • negotiate the offer
  • review your portfolio

Laid out like a workbook, and filled with helpful strategies, models, exercises, plans and case studies, Property Prosperity translates common investment