Property EXPERT Mentoring Session - Property Women

Property EXPERT Mentoring Session

Are you after property wisdom to sort out an immediate issue or burning concern related to your investing journey?

PROPERTY WOMEN now offer exclusive mentoring one-on-one calls for all Property Women community members

You will be allocated to one of our panel of investment specialists whose skills and experiences are best aligned to you and your questions!

Are these calls for you?

Struggling with a property and not knowing what to do with it?

Having issues with a JV partner and needing some recommendations on moving forward

Wanting some tips on dealing with a tricky negotiation and how to word the offer or particular deal

Looking for the insights of someone who has done joint-ventures, small developments, renovations or budgets?

Needing some mindset work or help with realistic goal setting?

Looking for a career shift into property and wanting some advice around setting yourself up?

Maybe you are looking for a short-term accountability buddy to bounce ideas off?

This is a no-strings, no upsell session aimed to help our community secure deals, make decisions and to use us as a sounding board.

Please Note: There is no limitations to the discussion we have but financial and legal advice must be directed to those industry professionals who are licensed as such. We can tell you what you need to ask of them though!

SPECIAL PRICE of $247 for one hour

Our expert panel have a combined portfolio worth over $37 million. We have all started from somewhere. Our years of experience has included great successes, challenges, some financial decisions we are proud of and others we had to put down to an education.

Please complete this form and you can book your session on the calendar booking attached or if you are in an urgent situation you can select this and we will accommodate as best we can.