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Who is she?


Back in 2006 Property Women began because NO ONE was celebrating the girls!

Sure there was generic stuff out there but women were often lost in the tsunami of bloke-ness that a lot of property events catered to. Thankfully we have donned enough tool belts since then to prove ourselves worthy (ahem…if not better) adversaries. There a lot more women stepping up and speaking out and being celebrated and listened to.

Property Women is not a feminist platform (we love our boys!) but we want a space to brag too, we want to see what she is doing or how she balanced work with a reno or how she managed to deal with council issues with toddlers. It is about hearing from other women who love good flooring or making a sly $100k from a subdivision whilst dealing with the ‘stuff’ we all deal with.

Here are some facts (we love facts here at PW HQ):

  • In mostĀ households women are the decision makers when it comes to home and expenditure
  • Women make better investors (when they get started), it is suggested this is due to not being bulls at a gate
  • We know how to fluff pillows – sorry fellas – but there is some hideous gender assumptions in the statement but en masse it is true, we just get style a little better than the boys
  • Hell yes we know how to shop – negotiate – bargain – ask – seek – search – #neverpayretail


About Woman-in-Focus

Women thrive on seeing success stories painted out before them. Before and after pics, challenges and victories.

Woman-in-Focus is now a decade old because we want to hear your stories!

We have interviewed hundreds of women from all walks of life from all over who have found their groove in the property market. Read some of our archive tales or check out our latest WIF articles for a dose of inspiration


Do you have a story you want to tell?

Shout it out! If you would like to be featured as one our success stories contact our offices on info@localhost/propertywomen with a paragraph snapshot of what you have done, before and after pics (if applicable) and some basic information about yourself – where you are from, where you buy, your strategy etc.

So many women do not tell their story. You don’t realise how inspiring your journey might be to another investor who faces the same struggles or has the same aspirations.

Be proud, be loud!