Testimonials - Property Women


“Great course for beginners. I now have the confidence to take the first step in becoming a property  investor.” A.J., VIC

“Very informative day.” B.A., VIC

 “Just a very long day. Notes very good”. B.S., VIC

“Very informative day, 1st event I have been to. Many Thanks!” B.N., VIC

If anything my attitude has changed in a positive direction – I always wanted to buy property and now I truly believe I can do it.  These positive women have given me the positivity and drive to be successful.” B.A., VIC

“Absolutely fantastic weekend.  It has given me a new direction to my life.  Now I choose success.  Thank you so much for showing me so many different ways to get there”.   G.A., NSW

“Very inspiring, as well as extremely motivating.”  F.B., QLD

“Thank you for a great weekend – money well spent!”  K.B., NSW

“I have found the course very beneficial and look forward to listening to the CD’s again to get more clarity on each subject covered.”   T.B.

“Amazing amount of information!  Good Job!”  M.C., VIC

“Great content!  Good timing of breaks.  Good when presenters shared their own stories, lessons learned.  Show their properties and shared their strategies ….with more information!”  M.C., VIC

“Fabulous, encouraging and good value for money.  Great diversity of speakers and will encourage girl friends to attend the next one with me.” V.C., NSW

“Thank you Judith and team – it has been a fantastic weekend!” L.C., ACT

“Great Workshop.” Y.D., NSW

“Lisa Curry Kenny was just awe inspiring!”  Hearing other experiences was great.”  T.D., NSW

“Could not have missed it for the world.  I keep saying to myself today is the first day of the rest of my life and if you always do what you have always done you will always be where you have always been.  Awesome, so meant to be.  I am metamorphosing BIG TIME.!”  S.D., QLD

“Have enjoyed everything about the weekend.”  B.D.,  ACT

“Great to be in a room full of women and not come across any (bitchy) women.  Everyone who attended was here to learn and were willing to share.  WONDERFUL.”  S.H., NSW

“Loved It.”  A.H., NSW

“Extremely good value and wealth of fabulous ideas to help move forward to the next phase of property investing.  Loved the ability to network with so many like minded women.  It was great fun.”  M.H., NSW

“Excellent, high energy, fantastic guest speakers, well organised.” J.H., WA

“I loved the course.  It was excellent value and meeting like-minded people was fantastic.”  A.J., QLD

“Great.”  L.J., SA

“Great!  Now I only have myself to blame if I don’t do something.  I am armed with all the information”.  V.L.,  VIC

“Very positive, motivational and in-depth information.”  D.L.,  NSW

“Fantastic weekend – I met so many successful women.”  K.L.,  VIC

“I’m glad I bought the ticket to be here this weekend.”  Y.L.,  NSW

“Every aspect of this event was valuable – the inspiring speakers as well as the possibility to network and talk to others about their experiences.”  J.M., SA

“So much information – where do I start”  “Day one too long”   C.M., SA

“Now I know the things to look for and questions to ask.”   M.M., VIC

“Empowering.  Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be here.  One day I will hope to give back to our sisterhood.  God Bless, to all staff and Judith and Rachel”.   L.M., NSW

“The whole weekend has taught me not to fear anything and made me more determined to clear my credit card debt even faster so that I can get into the market better.”  G.M., NSW

“Great”  M.R., NSW

“Inspirational, Fun, didn’t want it to END.”  D.S., SA

“Wow!  Thanks Judith for your support and encouragement to get to the workshop.  You were so right when you said “When the student is ready the teach appears.””  M.S., QLD

“Not only did I learn so much from this workshop, you also gave me the confidence and friend to do it!  THANKS”.  J.T., VIC

“Excellent seminar, speakers so informative” E.V.

“I found the workshop fantastic and very motivating”.   M.V.,  VIC

“Reinforcing the information you have is very positive as it give you the motivation to keep moving forward and not ‘stagnating'”  “Networking with like minded people – very important”   R.W., QLD

“I found Carly to be excellent.  Has changed my confidence, mind set for the positive and has given me a renewed belief in myself and my abilities to get in and JUST DO IT.”  Lisa Curry-Kenny reinforced the CAN DO ATTITUDE it was excellent.”   J.W., NSW

“Great Energy, enthusiasm, passion from presenters/participants”.   Anonymous

“Well covered in most areas. Good overall comments.” B.M., VIC

 “Very informative. Loads to take home and read through. Thank you!” C.R., VIC

 “Loved it.” C.K., VIC

 “Great day! More hands on demos would be great. Give us homework so we can practice & send back to    ensure we are on the right track eg. or make it a comp with price??” C.M., VIC

 “Excellent day.” D.R., VIC

“Have taken away additional tips. But was concerned about the content & being repeat of other        conference that have been held.” F.A., VIC

“Thank you. Fabulous day!!!” F.S., VIC

“Excellent workshop.” F.V., VIC

 “Very interesting & inspirational.” G.S., VIC

“Thought the day was great. Tomorrow I’ll do something!” G.H., VIC

“like the notes provided – added my own notes throughout the day.” H.J., VIC

“OK. Scared but ready to act now!” M.S., VIC

 “Fantastic information, Great speaker, Great manual” M.R., VIC

 “Very informative and motivational.” P.D., VIC

“This has been a great day, very informative and positive! Thank you!!” R.B., VIC

 “Best workshop for the year. Very relevant to me & step by step instruction and good resource to take  away.” R.Y., VIC

 “loved it, I need it, loved it. Thank you.” S.T., VIC

“Excellent! Well Done.” S.L., VIC

“all great keep it coming!” S.L., VIC

“Loved it, loved it love it!!! I needed this education and training it gave me confidence. Your time and effort  has really been appreciated.” T.L., VIC

“Great day, so informative on current issues and up-to-date info.” W.N., VIC

“Enjoyable & Stimulating” W.J., VIC